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Cole R-1 Schools
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General Information About Russellville Schools:

Cole County R-1 is composed of a high school building on Route C and an elementary/middle school building on Park Street. Both are indicated on the adjacent map.

Quick Information About the Cole R-1 Schools:
-700 students in the Pre. K-12th grades
-94.8% attendance which is higher than the state average
-We are below the state average of dropouts
-87.5% placement of students who complete a career-technical education program and go into a related occupation or training program
-15-1 student-to-teacher ratio
-100% of our teachers are Highly Qualified

Our Mission...
The Cole County R-1 School District will provide educational programs that prepare students for the future through a variety of educational methods that will help each student develop his/her intellectual, emotional, social, and physical potential to his/her highest level.

We Believe...
-all students can learn and succeed.
-all students have inherent value.
-all students are accountable for their actions.
-parents and teachers are responsible for providing instruction, -guidance, and motivation.
Russellville Schools
Schools Map
Superintendent's Office
13600 Route C
Russellville, MO 65074
Office: 573-782-3534
Fax: 573-782-3545

Cole R-1 High School
13600 Route C
Russellville, MO 65074
Office: 573-782-3313
Fax: 573-782-3262
Cole R-1 School District
If you would like to see some current information about our district, check out these links:
-Click here to go to Cole R-1's school calendar.
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Locations and Contacts:
Cole R-1 Middle School
13111 Park Street
Russellville, MO 65074
Office: 573-782-4915
Fax: 573-782-3775

Cole R-1 Elementary School
13111 Park Street
Russellville, MO 65074
Office: 573-782-4814
Fax: 573-782-3435
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